Vizio E3D470VX Repair Case history.
This repair case history is for a VIZIO Model E3D470VX. The power supply appears identical to the one used in JVC Model JLC47BC3000. The power supply board number is 0500-0412-1220.
This TV came in dead. It had no 5 volt stand by power.
F102 was open. It was replaced with a 4 amp slow blow fuse. The original fuse looked like a 5 watt ceramic resistor. The part numbers on this fuse were T4AH250, ICP250 and 4AQO5MT.
Transistors Q706 and Q707 had the same part numbers which are
KF5N50. I replaced them with Digikey part number FQPF5N50CYDTU-ND

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  1. I’m looking power supply schematic. My TV does not has 5v standby, and F102 is good. Power is coming to IC U101. I try replaced it, and three opto IC, but it still has no 5volt stanby. I need some help . Thanks.

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