TSP #6 – Rigol DP1116A and DP1308A Programmable Power Supply Review (Part 4/6)

In this episode (Part 4/6) Shahriar reviews the brand new Rigol DP1116A and DP1308A programmable power supplies. Furthermore, the power supply features are compared against an Agilent dual output power supply.

“DP1308A & DP1116A are high-performance programmable linear DC power supply. They have excellent features including timed outputs and tracking capabilities; extremely clean ripple and noise, comprehensive over-voltage, over current, over-temperature protection, a large and clear user interface, super performance specifications,and multiple standard interfaces. The DP1308A & DP1116A meet the requirements of various forms desktop and integrated system testing. DP1308A & DP1116A are widely used in research and development, education, industrial control, mobile communication, and product testing, etc.”

The MSRP for both products is $849. Rigol offers a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy and a 3 year warranty. They also provide an excellent local technical support out of tropical Cleveland, Ohio.

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