Samsung TV Main board was bad. Here’s how I figured it out. Model # UN32EH5300FXZA. The television I repaired in this video is a Samsung UN32EH5300FXZA. I had mis-stated the model number in this video so please take note. This TV came in my shop dead. My first guess was bad LEDs since I see this so often, but it turned out to be a bad main board. One common characteristic of a defective main board is that if the TV does happen to turn on at all, and you press the power off button often times the TV doesn’t respond and remains on. One other thing that surprised me about this particular model was that unplugging the main board allowed the back lights to come on. Normally the power supply doesn’t turn on unless it gets a 5 volt turn on voltage from the main board, but on this model unplugging the main board did enable the back lights to come on.

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