PC Engine RGB output modification

Note: The wires that I first used for this modification were too thick! Normally I wouldn’t do it like this, as I most often prefer to do things properly. The only reason for using too big wires were that I didn’t have any other proper wiring at home, and there was no time to wait for a new delivery since the owner was eager the get his console back.
However, I still have my pride. So I asked the owner (who is a friend of mine) to bring the console again the next time he stopped by. At this time, I had some more wires to work with that I had now received in the mail.
These wires should last for quite a while, so you are not likely to see me putting too big wires on PCBs again anytime soon. 🙂

Video Amp PCB using THS7314

THS7314 datasheet

THS7315 datasheet

HuC6260 pinout & RGB amp schematic

PC Engine RGB mod

PC Engine RGB amp

(mmmonkey’s modifications are not the most clean and tidy ones I’ve seen perhaps, but his work should probably be in order as far as the interconnection goes. His web pages might be of interest to you if you want to go for the discrete transistor solution instead. However, I do recommend that you stick to the THS7314-based solution as this allows for a much more convenient and clean modification.)

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