The MC-2105 “PRECISION FIDELITY” amplifier was a game changer for MAC, delivering superior fidelity, reliability, and future serviceability… all housed in what is arguably the most beautiful amplifier package ever produced. The 2105 in fact would define Mac’s signature aesthetic – green back-lit logos, blue meters and black glass w champagne trim accents. This distinct McIntosh hallmark remains largely unchanged today. The circuit design topology is equally impressive and employs Mac’s autoformer coupled technology for exacting impedance match with the host speakers. This arrangement too offers an added degree of electrical protection to the TO-3 output transistors. Driver and protection circuitry is stentorian in control and protection – but musically unobtrusive as possible. A MAC amp, whether recreating the delicate passage of a violin concerto – or the thunderous brute force “slam” of a full tilt symphony delivers with ultimate fidelity – accuracy – and reliability…
As with all MAC auotoformer coupled amplifiers, the 2105 will work well into any load – even down to 4 ohms.

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