LCD TV Repair made easy # 8
This video shows the value of understanding how some of the shutdown and feedback circuits work in an LCD computer monitor and or LCD TV since many of the same principles apply. It also shows me demonstrating the value of using hold back lights to help you determine if your inverter board is working correctly.
If your a professional looking for more understanding on how to repair LCD TVs or an electronics hobbyist here are some great resources.
How to troubleshoot and repair switch mode power supplies by Jestine Yong at This book is a bit spendy and unless you do this as a profession it’s probably hard for most people to understand why anyone would pay so much for an ebook. Nevertheless since TV repair is my business I can honestly say this is the most helpful book on power supplies I have ever read. In my opinion it’s a must read. Jestine is good at getting right to the main points you need to understand about troubleshooting this kind of power supply and its associated feedback circuits.
Since a majority of the problems I have seen on LCD TVs are related to bad power supplies I figured it will pay for itself many times over. Most of the book was easy reading with plenty of pictures and diagrams.
Testing electronic components and finding unknown resistor values by Jestine Yong.
This is an excellent book for A beginner level student who wants to learn how to test electronic components like a professional. Jestine really took the time to make this book easy to understand.
How to repair LCD Computer Monitors by Jestine Yong at
Even though this book was about computer monitor repair I found most of the troubleshooting techniques he demonstrates also applied to LCD TV repair so I was glad to have read it. Much like the book on Switch Mode Power Supplies it was easy to read and has lots of pictures and good troubleshooting techniques.
Mikes TV case histories The latest paperback edition has hundreds of case histories on LCD, CRT, Plasma and Projection TVs. at 1-410-272-4984
When I first started in the TV repair business and my troubleshooting skills were not that great often times Mike’s case histories told me exactly which parts I needed to replace and it often saved me from having to purchase a great many schematics. I have been using his case histories since 1995 and I would not be with out them. If you call him please be considerate of his time zone and call between 11:00 AM TO 8:PM Eastern time only.
Getting Started In Electronics by Forest Mims available at some Radio Shacks or through this link.
If you know nothing at all about electronics and want to start with the basics this is a fantastic book to start with. This book is packed with pictures.
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