LCD TV Repair made easy # 1

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In this video I talk about some of the common mistakes many DIY TV repairmen make when trying to repair their own TVs. Listed below are some good resources for anyone desiring to improve their troubleshooting skills.

How to troubleshoot and repair Switch Mode Power supplies by Jestine Yong at This is a 271 page ebook packed with helpful information on how to troubleshoot switch mode power supplies which are found in many kinds of electronic equipment. I have many books and videos on this kind of power supply, but this is by far the best of my collection.
I created a video where I demonstrate some of the fundamentals of switching power supplies at this link.
Testing electronic components and finding unknown resistor values by Jestine Yong. This is a great book for beginners who want to learn more about testing electronic components.

How to repair LCD Computer Monitors by Jestine Yong at
Even though this book was about computer monitor repair I found most of the troubleshooting techniques he demonstrates also applied to LCD TV repair so I was glad to have read it. Much like the book on Switch Mode Power Supplies I found it was easy to understand.
Mikes TV case histories, This book has the combined case histories of 70 repair shops who have submitted their notes for Mikes book. It contains info on CRT, Plasma and Projection TVs. at 1-410-272-4984
When I first started in the TV repair business and my troubleshooting skills were not that great often times Mike’s case histories told me exactly which parts I needed to replace and it often saved me from having to purchase a great many schematics. I have been using his case histories since 1995 and I would not be with out them. If you call him please be considerate of his time zone and call between 11:00 AM TO 8:PM Eastern time only.
Getting Started In Electronics by Forest Mims available at some Radio Shacks or through this link.
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