Forså lamp

This lamp can act as a really good stand for your USB microscope, your hot air rework station etc. It also has many joints and is very flexible. I found it at Ikea here in Sweden, and I thought I would let you know about it since Ikea has warehouses all over the world. Most of my viewers should therefore be able to get their hands on this lamp without having to order it from abroad.

Here is the product on the Swedish Ikea homepage:




Other countries:
Go to the Ikea homepage of the country you live in.
Search their homepage for “Forså work lamp” or just “Forså”.
If it doesn’t work, try “Forsa” instead.

This lamp is available in different colors. The above links are only for the black ones. Other colors have other product numbers. You can take a look at Ikea’s homepage for more info on that.

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