Arcade Repair Tips – Live Show – Episode 15 (10th Anniversary Show)

Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Live Show! In this episode, Tim Peterson and Jonathan Leung will discuss arcade repair, restoration, news, and more! For more information, please visit our website at and watch for more episodes coming soon! Thanks for watching!

Show Links:
Atari Pole Position Switching Supply Substitute (Star Tech Journal January 1991) –
Rhode Island Novelty 7″ Red Police Beacon Light (Amazon) –
Donor TVs for Arcade Monitor Picture Tubes ( –
Convert Home TV to Arcade Monitor (8liners) –
Game Room, Arcade, Pinball Machine, Man Cave, Chuck E Cheese, Cosplay Costume (eBay) –

Dispute Decision: Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong & All Other Records Removed (Twin Galaxies)

23 Retro Arcade Games That Deserve Their Own Movies (Tom’s Guide)

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