3D Printed Design: Angled CCD Camera Mount for FPV Quadcopter Racing – #0108

I’m in the process of building a 250 sized racing quadcopter. The frame I got (the QAV250) comes with a 90 degree camera mount for the FPV camera. That’s no good for racing because when you’re racing, you’re pitched so far forward to get good speed that your camera is essentially aimed towards the ground most of the time. To combat this, you use an angled camera mount. While I believe there’s one you can buy from the manufacturer, I feel it should have come with the frame considering what the frame costs. I also found one on thingiverse for this exact frame and CCD board camera, but didn’t like a few things about it. I decided to just roll my own. How hard could it be? (turns out, I’M the one that makes it hard, but you’ll see what I mean)

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