Vizio TV Repair – E601i-A3 Main Board Replacement for No Picture – How to Fix Vizio TVs

Vizio E601i-A3 Main Board Replacement Tutorial – TV Repair Help

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In this video we are going to show how to replace the main board in this Vizio E601i-A3 model. We will go over the boards in the TV. Here we have the main board, this takes in all your inputs, so it has your HDMi, RCA connections, VGA, Tuner connection and everything there. So this is your main board here, this cable here goes over to the controls on the side of the TV, where you can turn on your TV, or change the channel. This cable here runs to the power supply board, these two LVDS cables run to the T-Con board, which is right here. These wires go to the speakers.
Over here we have the power supply board, it has one cable here that goes to the main board. Then here it has one cable that goes to the panel and here a connection that goes to where you plug in the TV. That is off the camera shot.
Down here we have the T-con board. The T-con board has the two LVDS cables that go to the main board and then we have two ribbon cables here that go to the panel.
In order to replace the main board, we will want to start by disconnecting all of the cables on here. We will now show a close-up to see how to disconnect them. Disconnect all of these cables and connections and then remove the screws that hold this main board to the panel.
Pull these connections out. Be very careful with the LVDS cables as they are very fragile. So we have disconnected all of the connections, now we will go ahead and remove the screws that hold the board to the panel.
We have removed all of the screws and now we will pull the board off the panel. Then you can put your replacement board in the exact same location that you just removed your other board. Then we will put the screws in to attach the main board to the panel. Then we will reconnect all these cables and connections. Pinch in on the side of these LVDS cables. Push them in tight. There you have it, we have replaced the main board for this TV.
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