Vizio TV 3632-0172-0189 IR Sensor Replacement – Remote Control Won’t Work

Vizio TV IR Sensor Replacement Tutorial
Replacement Parts:

Vizio TV Model Numbers:
M320SL M3D550SL

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In this video we will show how to replace the components in this Vizio IR sensor, component replacement kit.
We have already removed the board from the back of the TV.
I will not start by adding a little bit of solder to these three points on the board.
Flip the board over and turn the IR sensor up, so that you can hold it with one hand.
Run the iron back and forth over the points to warm them up and help remove the IC.
As the points are heated, the IC should fall out of the back side.
Use the iron and solder wick to clean the remaining solder off of the pads.
Insert the IC legs through the holes on the board. Line up the IC and bend it at the appropriate spot.
Add a little bit of solder to the iron and then begin to solder the legs on the IC.
After you have finished soldering, trim the legs.
Clean up the pads with some isopropyl alcohol and a brush.
Next, we will replace the resistor on the board.
I am using a hot-air tool, but you can use a soldering iron if you do not have a hot air tool.
I will begin by heating up the resistor and then lift it from the board with my tweezers,
Add a little bit of solder paste to the pads.
Set the replacement resistor on the pads.
Begin to heat the component until the solder paste melts and then properly align the resistor in the correct position.
Clean up the area with the isopropyl alcohol and a brush.
There you have it, we shown how to replace the two components in this Vizio IR sensor, component repair kit.

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