Vizio LED Screen Repair T-Con or Bad Panel Tutorial & Help – E601I-A3 E601I-A3E E701I-A3 E701I-A3E

Vizio Screen Problem T-Con Problem or Bad Panel Tutorial & Help for the following models E601I-A3 E601I-A3E E701I-A3 E701I-A3E

Here is a list of TV model numbers that this video relates to.
If you have one of these TV model numbers, and you are experiencing problems with your TV, watch this video to learn more about the problems and solutions for repairing your TV.
The following pictures show symptoms that indicate a bad LCD and not a bad T-con board.
The first symptom, if one side of the picture is darker than the other.
The second symptom, the picture has horizontal lines.
The third symptom, if you have a dark cloudy spot and that spot spread all the way across the picture on your screen. So, if the sport starts in one area and then eventually spreads to other areas of the picture, that would be a bad panel and not a bad T-Con board.
For all of the symptoms that we just explained, in stalling a replacement T-con board will not fix the problem. If you install a replacement T-Con board in your TV, the panel could actually damage that replacement board.
Here at ShopJimmy, we do not sell TV panels, it may be more cost-effective to replace your TV if you do determine that you do have a damaged panel.
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  1. Hello. I have a VO370M. I rarely use the tv. However, recently the picture went out. The first this occurred I simply wioed the dust away from the boards and let tv sit a bit. Eventually picture came, tv was working fine. Second about 2 weeks later the same occurred. Screen was black, then vertical lines appeared. Id shut it off and turn back on and notice theres vertical lines with color. I pulled the panel off and disconnected ribbon from T-con. Id get solid color on one side, vertical lines on the other. Switched sides and got the same. Id tap the ribbons, play with the tc board, and the lines would change up a bit but in all the same results ; vertical lines with color. Im not sure if TC board is the problem. Could it be the ribbon connectors? Volume and power work perfect. Please help.

  2. Hi, I have a vizio E601i-A3E. I work for about 2 hours then I hear a loud pop from the speakers, the tv goes black and will continue that poping sound. The power to the tv will only go completely of if I unplug it. When I power it back up it runs about 45 minutes to an hour and does the same thing.

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