Vizio E320-A0 TV Will Not Turn On Standby Voltage Test Tutorial

Voltage Test for Vizio E320-A0
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that aren’t addressed in this guide.
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In this video we will show the first troubleshooting
step for Vizio TV model number E320-A0 if
it will not turn on.
In these troubleshooting steps, we will use
a multimeter to check for certain voltages.
In order to continue troubleshooting, be sure
you have the proper training, experience,
skills, and equipment necessary to use a multimeter
to check voltages in a TV.
Try all repairs and troubleshooting at your
own risk.
The first thing that I can do is to check
and see if there is a standby light in the
front of the TV.
Some TVs have the ability to show a standby
light, while others do not.
If I do see a standby light on the front of
the TV, that shows that I do have some power
going to the TV, but it will just not turn
We will continue troubleshooting.
I have removed the back cover off the TV and
I will use my meter to check the standby voltage
on the power supply.
The first thing I will do is identify the
power supply in the TV, then look for a cable
that runs from the power supply to the main
We will use the test points at VCC and VCC
at the only connection that connects the main
board to the power supply board.
Plug in your TV, but do not power it on.
The standby voltage should be 19 volts if
it is present.
If 19 volts is present at this test point,
then it shows that the main board is operating
correctly and you should replace the power
supply board.
If you do not get 19 volts at this test point,
then it is recommended that you should replace
the main board.
Click this link in the video to watch our
main board and power supply board replacement video.

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