Westinghouse LTV 32w1 power supply - how to fix?

I was given a Westinghouse LED TV (model LTV-32w1) that had a bad power supply. I am handy with repairs. Is there anything to be aware of when replacing a power supply? Does a LED tv need to be discharged like a CRT one? what test vshould I do to make certain that my problem is only the power supply?
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A year late, but this hopefully helps the next guy. 1. I JUST fixed my LTV 32w1 tv for the issue of intermittent shutdowns. Before I replaced the PSU, I removed it and cleaned out tons of dust. Then noticed (with a magnifying glass) that capacitor C310 had a cold solder joint. i resoldered both leads. Be sure to check the tops of all the capacitors since they are known to break open on the top and cause PSU failures. replace any bad ones. an internet search will reveal C310 is a common bad solder issue. 2. Make sure to put the ground wire back on the upper right corner UNDER the PSU board before installing the screw. It must go under the PSU to get the proper ground. 3. make sure the 3 connectors are on snug when reinstalling the PSU. Check the fuse also in case you have a non-working TV (mine was intermittent, so I didn't need to check the fuse) 3. I reinstalled everything and the TV is working fine(so far) and saved myself about $500 since I was going to get a new Vizio 3D smart TV tomorrow. Good luck to all.
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