Troubleshooting bad circuits using ohms law. When ohms law was first explained to me, I was clueless about how it could actually be useful in real life. Even though the math was simple enough, somehow I failed to grasp how it could be useful in troubleshooting or designing circuits. Fortunately a situation arose where I finally came to understand how the relationship between voltage, current and resistance in real life terms, and it’s been a great asset in helping me troubleshoot bad circuits. In this video I show an example of its use in a real life situation, and hopefully this will shine a little light on the simplicity of it for anyone struggling to understand how it works.
I realize ohms law has a multitude of ways it can be used in circuit analysis, but for simplicity sake I only showed it’s use it determining how much current/amperes will flow through a circuit or component, if you know the applied voltage, and the resistance of the circuit.
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