Sharp LC-70LE733U Reset procedure and voltages measurements.
This reset procedure for this Sharp model LC-70LE733U doesn’t always repair the cause of problem, but in this case it was good enough to keep my customer happy., and it saved him a bundle on repair costs. Another example showing the value of Mikes TV Repair Histories. This TV wasn’t mentioned in his book, but it mentioned how to do a reset on similar Sharp models, and fortunately this procedure also worked to this model. With the TV unplugged you press the input button and the volume down button on the TV while plugging in the AC cord. Doing this enabled the display to come on, but the TV had to be turned off and on again to bring up the correct user menu. As long as the AC power to the TV isn’t interrupted this TV will continue to operate trouble free, but if there is a power failure, or the TV is unplugged this reset procedure will need to be redone.
For those interested in Mike’s TV Repair Histories here is a link to his book.

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