Samsung TV UN60FH6003 Main Board Replacement BN94-06418K BN94-06143D

UN60FH6003 Main Board Replacement
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In this video we will show how to replace the main board for the following Samsung TV model number on the screen.
There may be multiple main boards that will work with this TV model.
This video will work as a general tutorial for those main boards. It is recommended to take pictures during the repair process to use as a reference point.
Be sure your TV is unplugged.
Begin by disconnecting all of the cables and wires that are connected to the board.
Remove all of the screws that hold the board to the chassis and lift the board from the chassis.
Take your replacement board and align it on the chassis.
Install the screws to secure the board to the chassis.
Reconnect the wires and cables to the board.

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