Portable Digital HD Microscope – Precision Soldering TV Board Repair Help w/ Component Magnification

How to see small board repair components
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Here we have our portable digital HD microscope. This microscope is a great tool when magnifying small objects is necessary. It makes it possible to see what you are doing, when soldering very small components.
We will show a side by side comparison to display the strength and clarity at which this microscope works.
We are showing a close up of both the component that is highlighted and then the letter E in the CENT on a penny.
Here is closeup one at the standard zoom.
Here is closeup two at two times zoom.
And here is closeup three at a four times zoom.
Taking a look at some of the inputs and buttons on the microscope, here is a mini USB connection for powering the device and also for charging the internal battery. This battery makes the microscope portable.
There is a micro-sd card slot here for recording the footage that is shown on the screen.
This can be helpful if you want to go back and review your work, or share with others when you have done.
Here, you can adjust the brightness of the eight LEDs that are used to illuminate the object that you are magnifying.
There are also various buttons on the front of the microscope that will help you to power on the device, access the menu, and adjust some settings.
The information on these buttons is also included in the manual.
Now, we will show a couple components being soldered on and off the board.
And now we will show the recorded video from the microscope.

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