Panasonic Plasma TV 9 Blink Code Explained Repair for 2011 Panasonic Plasma TV

Panasonic Plasma 9 Blink Code Explained with Repair Info
How to determine the problem with your TV with a 9 blink code – Click to BUY Panasonic TV PARTS:

In this video we are going to look at the 9 blink code for Panasonic Plasma TVs made in 2011. Here are the model numbers on the screen that this blink code will apply to.
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Just to go over a few boards here on the TV, over here we have the main board, also referred to as the A board. Here we have the SS board, also referred to as an X Sustain or X Main Board on some TVs. Here we have the power supply board, which can also be referred to as the P board. Here we have the SC board, this can also be referred to as the Y Sustain, YSUS, and Y Main Board for different brands. Here we have the buffers that connect to the SC board. These are also SU and SD boards, and can also be Y Scan Drives and different buffers for different brands as well.
Here is what the 9 blink code looks like on the Panasonic Plasma TV.
The 9 blink code is primarily caused by ICs that are located in only the A Main Board, over here. Since the problem can only originate from the main board, that means that is the board you will want to replace if you are getting a 9 blink code.
We will now take a closer look at the A Main board and how to replace it. Before removing these boards or replacing them, you will want to do a few things. You will want to turn off your TV, unplug it from any power, you will also want to make sure you have grounded yourself properly, so you do not damage any of the boards or the TV.
When removing the main board, you will want to start by disconnecting all of these cables and ribbon cables here. You will always want to use caution whenever you are disconnecting these cables and ribbon cables.
These tabs just flip up here, like that and then you can pull out the ribbon cable gently. Just like it flips up and then you can pull it out.
After you have disconnected all of the cables, then you will want to remove all of the screws that are holding the main board to the chassis. You will see there are some, you might not actually be able to see, but there are some here, some down around here, there were some screws here that I have already removed. So you will just have to work around however many screws are connecting the board and disconnect anything that is attached to it, like this piece here.
Then you can go ahead and lift off the board. You will want to move the cables from these little harnesses here that are holding the cables in place as well. On this specific board, you will also have to remove this black piece here. As the board was sitting like this originally, then you will want to remove this piece here and then eventually take the board out of this metal frame.
You could also try if your TV is different or on this TV, to simple just remove this board from the chassis. I decided here to take out the entire frame and then remove the black piece as that sometimes it easiest and less complicated.
So we have removed that piece. Now you can go ahead and just pull the board out.
Now we will get our new board and reattach it to the TV. So, I have put the replacement board back into this metal piece here and also reattached this black plastic piece, so we should be good to screw the board back down to the chassis and then reconnect all of the cables.
We can take these cables and run them back through here.
The ribbon cables, so we will leave that black tab up and we will just slide the cable in and snap it down.
There we go. Put this back in here and close it. Just like that we have replace the main board in the TV.
Again, these are the following models this video will work for. Please remember if you have a question to comment below the video in the comment section. Please include your TV model number, the symptoms that your TV is showing and any other details that you think will be necessary for us to identify a replacement part for you.

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