LG 47LS4500 Bad Diode.

This TV was brought in my shop with no back light of sound. It turned out to be a simple repair. Diode D607 had become leaky. A resistance test showed it had 4.7 ohms in both directions. Since most of the bad Diodes I’ve encountered had shorts with less than One ohm of resistance, I almost failed to detect there was a problem. I mistakenly assumed the 4.7 ohms resistance I measured was due to other components in parallel with my Diode. Fortunately I removed the diode to test it again and it turned out to be bad.
The location of this Diode is D607. The original part number was MUR460AG. I replaced it with an MUR460G which was purchased through digikey. It’s a 4 amp ultrafast switching diode with 600 PRV and 75 NS.
This TV was made by LG. Model number of this TV is 47LS4500
For those I don’t know I have a website at http://www.tvrepairinfo.com/ where there is a directory to all my free videos case histories.

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