Harman Kardon ADP 303 repair

I’m here repairing a Harman Kardon ADP 303, which is an AC-3 RF decoder.

What is the difference between an AC-3 decoder and an AC-3 RF decoder? Why would we ever need to use this ADP 303 when most surround receivers already have AC-3 (Dolby Digital) decoding built in?
The answer to these questions can be found here:

In this video, I am playing back a very short clip from the movie Independence Day on laserdisc. It would completely impossible for me to show people how I repaired this AC-3 decoder without playing back a laserdisc with AC-3 encoded audio on it. This is a non-profit video with the purpose of teaching others about electronic repairs. I therefore consider the short playback of the audio from Independence Day to fall under the category of “fair use”.
I respect copyrights. No copyright infringement intended.

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