Hammarlund HQ-140-X Repair and Restoration

Everything you need to know about the Hammarlund HQ-140-X Receiver (and more) in one video. Included in this video: A correction to a mistake in Hammarlund’s alignment procedure. Important “missing” instructions to the alignment procedure. Lots of troubleshooting tips and tricks. See the performance of this receiver as aligned to factory spec’s. Follow along beside Paul through the entire alignment, troubleshooting, repair and restoration procedure of a fantastic communications receiver. FOR MORE information, click the “SHOW MORE” tab right below this box.

Heathkit signal tracer video:

Spectrum analyzer protection video:

Video Facts:

*Creation time: 1 month start to finish. (excluding editing time)
Video size as uploaded in MP4: 19.7Gigs. (before compression: 32 Gigs.)

*Individual video’s within this video, edited together: 42

*Still pictures: 2. Taken by Marie (my other half :^)
*Still’s camera: Canon 5D Mark II.

*Video Camera: Canon Vixia.

*Audio: XLR balanced to camera. Customized vacuum tube condenser microphone. Applied Research and Technology “ART Voice Channel.”

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