Encoding errors

In this video, I explain one of the major reasons to why I have been absent from YouTube for a longer period of time.
I was still shooting some new videos during this time, however, I could not edit them properly due to the problems explained in this video. This means that after the problem had been resolved, I had a lot of footage for several videos on my computer that I yet hadn’t edited and uploaded. This is the reason to why I’m now uploading several videos at once.

I mentioned in this video that my smartphone (Galaxy S5) is shooting at 25 fps. This might not be the case after all, because I have noticed that I get some 3:2 pull down artifacts when rendering my videos at 25 fps. However, even though 3:2 pull down is not very pleasant to look at, I still think it’s better than having a lot of encoding errors introduced in the videos.

The reason I said in this video that my smartphone is capturing at 25 fps is simply that my computer told me so when I checked the frame rate of my raw video files with a program.
So, either this program is lying to me and the raw footage is actually at 30 fps… or, my video editor fails to recognize that my raw material is at 25 fps, which makes it apply some kind of frame rate conversion while the video is being rendered.

So the problem has actually not really been fixed on a long-term basis. This is only a temporary fix. Because after all, I don’t want to have encoding errors popping up in my videos, but neither do I want a judderish-like playback due to frame rate conversion.

At this point, you might be wondering what video editor I’m using. I have deliberately chosen not to include this information here, because this might give people a false image of this video editor being really buggy and useless. I don’t think this is fair considering that I don’t actually know whether these problems are caused by my computer or my video editor. The computer I use for video editing is quite old and I haven’t updated the hardware since I got it. Updating the hardware in my computer is unfortunately something that I cannot do at this time since I don’t have the economical resources for it. Something that I can do however, is to try out a few other video editors to see if this fixes the problems.
If you know any good video editors for Windows that doesn’t cost a fortune to register and use, please let me know about it in the comments section.

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