* ELECTRONICS REPAIR SAFETY * Electrostatic Discharge ESD – How to Protect Your Electronics

Electrostatic Discharge ESD can damage your electronics. Learn how to Protect Your Electronics With an ESD Wrist Strap
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When working on any electronics in order to protect your investment, you should purchase and use an ESD wrist strap. This is useful when working on any electronics from TV boards to computer parts. It protects the equipment from your own static charge. You may not know this, but you actually have a static charge. For example, walking across carpet can generate up to 3500 volts.
Here is a look at our anti-static wrist strap. It comes with a flexible strap, so once you get it set to the right size, you can slide it onto your wrist. It should fit snug, but not too tight. This way it makes good contact with you and helps to dissipate any static in there. These have a built in safety feature with a 1 meg ohm resistor. So if something should happen you will not go directly to ground. If you accidentally touch something live and this was directly connected to the wire, it could be deadly as you would go straight to ground with very little resistance. These alligator clips are also removable. So if you wanted to hook it up to something else for example if you had a ground station at your bench and you wanted to plug right in, you can do that. Otherwise you can use the alligator clip to plug onto the chassis or whatever you are working on or to a ground line.
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