EEVblog #971 – Zero Standby Power TV – BUSTED!

Bristol University have a neat new “zero power sensing” chip that takes energy harvested signals and switches an open drain output, the UB20M Voltage Detector.
But the marketing has gone too far when they demo a TV that supposedly has zero standby power. Dave busts this smoke and mirrors demo.
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One thought on “EEVblog #971 – Zero Standby Power TV – BUSTED!”

  1. Hello Mr Carlson, well I just found your site and watched some videos tonight. Very good stuff (in general, and so far (watched about 3 videos) all were good, and then wanted to contact you (I couldn’t find a way to do that, hence a comment here (most recent post), which by the way I like also, not just good info, but debunking when it needs doing lo .
    I would like to talk/email with you more, and so as to not burden others here in the post section, can you email me when you have time , I’m at Thanks and hope to hear from you.

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