EEVblog #681 – More Solar Roadways BULLSHIT!

Dave yet again debunks Solar (Freaking) Roadways. This time the prototype SolaRoad solar cycleway path installed in Amsterdam in Netherlands.
Dave shows how to go about doing ballpark engineering feasibility calculations for such a project, calculates the expected payback period, and SPOILER, shows why Solar Roadways will never be a viable technology. This time using real measured data from the Netherlands cycleway prototype, and real measured solar insolation data for the Netherlands

1st Video:
Live output data from Dave’s 3Kw solar roof system

Solaroads press release:

Road Construction Costs:

Road network lengths:

Average Household Energy Consumption:

Price Per Watt for solar panels:

PV System installation costs:

Solar Irradiance / Insolation data:

Electricity prices for households:,_first_half_2013_%281%29_%28EUR_per_kWh%29_YB14.png

Sunpower P18 solar panel:


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