EEVblog #632 – Solar Roadways Are BULLSHIT!

Dave debunks the Solar Roadways project that generated over $2.1M on Indiegogo, as well as almost another million dollars in US government funding.
In this video Dave does the solar generation calculations to see if this system is viable from an energy generation viewpoint, and also how much power the LED’s might typically consume.
What are the losses in a typical practical system like this?
Are Solar Freakin Roadways feasible?, or just pie-in-the-sky bullshit?
This debunking covers only a couple of the likely dozens of major technical issues with this concept.
The main take-away form this video is that these solar roadways panels will never EVER be economically viable, and the solar payback is simply comical. EVen if they can meet ann the ridiculously high demands on a physical roadway.
Also, no amount of research will EVER make this a viable idea. You can’t just take existing solar technology (which is borderline viable at best of times) and put it in the most hostile physical environment possible, least efficient environment possible, and most costly environment possible and expect it to be viable. It won’t be viable, ever.

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