DIY Basic Soldering Kit – Repair Help for Soldering Projects and Component Kits

Brief overview of our DIY Basic Soldering Kit. Contains all the items needed for a solder repair.
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Here we have our DIY basic soldering kit. These are all the items that are included in this kit. A soldering iron, a grounding wrist strap, tweezers and a packet that contains solder, solder wick, and some alcohol wipes. You receive two feet of solder wick and two feet of solder. The soldering iron is pretty basic, it plugs into the wall and heats up to one temp. This is a 30 watt iron and should work great for small DIY jobs and also for soldering and desoldering the kits that we sell. The tip is pretty narrow and should be able to replace the surface mount components and ICs that we sell.
Here we have the ESD wrist strap. It has an elastic band on it so it fits nicely. You could also put this around your ankle and have both of your hands free. It comes with an alligator clip, so you can connect to the actual TV chassis it self or to another grounding point.
Here we have the Shop Jimmy tweezers. These tweezers go down to a nice fine point at the tip. This should help you to get a good grip on components. This tweezers is also curved, which will help you get into tight spaces. We have rosen core solder, which means you do not have to clean it off and you do not need to use flux when soldering. We have our desolder braid which is used for removing old components and cleaning up the pads. We also have a couple alcohol wipes to help you clean up the pads. This should be everything that you need to work on your DIY basic soldering projects, including our repair kits
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30 Watt Soldering Iron
Precision ESD Tweezer
ESD Grounding Wrist Strap
Solder Wick
Alcohol Swab

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