Digital Multimeter Affordable & Easy to Use With Advanced Features

Overview of our multimeter that is for sale. This is a great multimeter for DIY projects and beginners. It is affordable and has some advanced features.


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Here is a look at a multimeter that we are offering here at This is the DT830-B pocket sized digital multimeter. This is a basic multimeter that is great for do-it-yourselfers, beginners, or people looking to work on hobby projects. With this multimeter you will receive the test leads and the multimeter, but you will need to provide a 9 volt battery.
This meter has all the basic functions you will need to get started. You have DC voltage measurements, AC voltage, DC amps and AC amps right here up to 10 amps. It also has some advanced feature, like right here is a transistor tester and diode tester and resistance.
You just need to turn the dial to select the measurement that you want. Here we are set to AC volts. This multimeter will measure up to 750 volts. If you are not sure what range you need, you are going to want to start at the highest available and if that does not read, then you will drop down to the next measurement and that will give you a more accurate reading. One item that makes this multimeter unique, is that it had a transistor checker. This will do npn and pnp transistors.
You can put it in there and it will read and give you the correct values. It will also do a voltage drop on diodes as well, which is an option that is normally found in more advanced multimeters.
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