Arcade Repair Tips – Live Show – Episode 4

Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Live Show! In this episode, Tim Peterson and Jonathan Leung discuss the following topics:

– Question from Julio about using a Game Elf board in a joystick/pedestal cabinet
– Question from fromthenosebleeds who has a Donkey Kong that’s playing semi blindly
– Question from Rocky with a Cruis’n Exotica which has completely lost the color green
– Question from Jade who’s trying to replace the transformer in her Sega Gunblade
– Question from Lee about a Trojan that’s have background sprite issues
– Question from Tommy who wants to restore his dedicated Gorf game
– Question from Rory about a Tron cocktail he just pulled out of storage that’s not working

– Tim’s Tech Tip on Using LEDs for Marquee Lighting –

– Arcade Repair Tips celebrates our 9th anniversary – May 8, 2017

– Coleco Holdings LLC targeting homebrew publishers and product promoters –

– Star Wars 40th Anniversary by Stern Pinball –

– and much more!

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