3D Printed Design: Diversity Antenna Mount (For Racing Quadcopter) – #0109

Yet another reason to fire up the 3D printer! I was in the process of building my newest quad when I noticed that I didn’t have a lot of great options for mounting the diversity antennas at a good angle when the receiver is mounted to the bottom plate. (lots of people use big cable ties, but the frame on the bottom is really thick and doesn’t have great places to put a cable tie around) Easy fix with the 3D printer, right?

I also realized that when in forward flight, I’ll be angled forward 10-40 some degrees, and so will the antennas, which creates a dead zone for reception behind the quad. I designed the final mount to have a rearward angle (and each antenna is about 50 degrees apart in a V shape for good reception during rolls/banks). It took a few prints as usual, but I eventually got it.

This is for the QAV250 frame and a Futaba FAAST receiver. (using S.Bus)

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