2006 Hummer H3 window and door lock controls. Update. Please read comments.

Update!!! Shortly after I published this video one of my viewers wrote to inform me he has had success by sanding the carbon impregnated rubber rather than re-coating them with conductive paint. Because I have seen some remotes which no amount of cleaning could restore, I don’t know if that would work in every case, but I thought it was important to add his suggestion. Please read his comment in the comment section of this video.
Here is a link to my updated video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_znMPaZYZAc
A gentleman came in my shop with a door and window lock control panel from his 2006 Hummer H3.
After looking at the circuit board I realized it had the same problem I’ve seen many times with television remote controls. The conductive surface on the rubber pad had worn off, so I recoated it with some conductive paint also known as conductive glue, and that fixed the problem.
Because I’ve seen some of these repairs come back needing a second coat of conductive paint, I was wondering if anyone viewing this video knows of a longer lasting conductive paint than what I’m using. I’ve seen youtube videos where some people used small pieces of tin foil which they glued to the rubber pad and that seemed like a better option than conductive paint, but perhaps someone watching this has some better tips they would like to add to the comment section of this video.

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